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CFO Series is proud to present tascfo.com.au a dedicated site for CFO’s and Heads of Finance headquartered within Tasmania. As part of a wider portfolio of online resources we provide a dynamic approach in the way that CFO’s can MEET, LISTEN and LEARN. tascfo.com.au provides the opportunity for CFO’s to benchmark, learn, and connect through a variety of initiatives designed for the busy finance professional. With regularly updated podcasts and whitepapers delivered by the regions foremost Finance Thought Leaders through to the annual CFO conference hosted in Hobart each year, tascfo.com.au is the place where the states CFO’s come together.

As the CFO role moves from one of traditional controller to value creator and strategist the need for a dedicated non subscription easily accessible CFO resource has never been greater. The CFO series will keep you abreast of the very latest trends and developments relevant to today’s’ CFO’s ranging from Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Transactions, Cash Flow Management, Budgeting, Forecasting, Sustainability, Performance Management, Cloud Computing, Human Capital Management, Risk Management, Governance and other strategies specific to the agile CFO.

The Strategic CFO

The Strategic CFO

The Strategic CFO

Summer Edition

For the Summer Edition we focus the spotlight on Women on Boards in Australia with insights from Dr Ann-Maree Moodie, Queensland Business, the CFOs New Digital Agenda, Fraud Control, ASX Corporate Governance Principles & Recommendations, latest developments with <IR> plus a Trans-Tasman perspective from leading journalist, Bernard Hickey on New Zealand's 'Goldilocks Economy'. 

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